Content Guidelines

We allow third parties to use some of our content given that it follows the Content Guidelines set on this page.

You may not remove or conceal any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notice including with or incorporated into any item of Content provided by ASN Media.

Credit Content to ASN Media

If any item of content delivered by ASN Media carries an ASN credit or a Third Party Provider credit, and you reproduce a substantial part of such item in your Property, you must clearly and prominently display a credit to ASN Media or the relevant Third Party Provider. Reproduction of a “substantial part” shall mean use of any item of Content by incorporating it into your Property as it was provided by ASN Media or by making only insubstantial alterations to use.

If you are using Content from ASN Media as a source of facts, figures, statements, quotes, background material and/or other portions of text and combining it with non-ASN provided material to create original news stories, you will give reasonable attribution to ASN Media or the relevant Third Party Provider as the source material within your finished news story.

Translation of the Content

If you translate the Content from the original language in which it was provided, you will identify you have made the translation.

Social Media Content

Content from our Social Media Accounts (@asnmotorsports, @media.asn, @asnpodcast, and other ASN accounts) is property of ASN Media and/or Third Party Providers from which we license.

You may re-publish news-related posts to your own Social Media Account, crediting the content to ASN Motorsports. However, you may not re-publish content that is made for entertainment purposes and is not marked as news.