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A diverse organization with people from around the world

We’re a diverse group of young, future journalists from around the world sharing two passions: motorsports and journalism.

Meet the team

Luciano Calamante

Founder, Chairman of ASN Media / Founder, Co-Owner and CEO of ASN Motorsports. Created ASN Motorsports to express his passion for the sport, and later expanded it into a company. He’s in charge of the business management side of ASN. Nationality: Argentina

Anton Hreskiv

Co-Owner, Director of ASN Motorsports. Joined ASN Motorsports in August of 2020, and was later promoted to director of the company through his hard work. He’s in charge of the editorial side of ASN. Nationality: Ukraine

Tristen Digby

Host of ASN Podcast’s Motorsports This Week. Nationality: Australia.

Attar Pasha

Social media manager for ASN Motorsports. Nationality: Indonesia.


Davide Bini – Italy 
Editor (ASN Motorsports)

Leon Kerninger – Austria
Writer (ASN Motorsports)

Thibault Brun – France
Editor (ASN Motorsports)

Michael Branco – United States

Kael Parkinson – Australia
Writer (ASN Motorsports)

Caine Brederveld – Netherlands
Social Media Manager (ASN Motorsports)

Zach Arnold – United States

Joe Rinehart – United States

Troy Swenor – United States

Tushar Raja – India
Writer (ASN Motorsports)

Aditya Kulkarni – India
Writer (ASN Motorsports)

Alex Suciu – Romania
Writer / Technical Analyst (ASN Motorsports)

Grace McGill – United Kingdom
Writer (ASN Motorsports)