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Formula 1

Audi, Porsche will work separately in F1

Audi concept vehicle. Credits: AUDI AG.

Audi revealed that they will make Formula 1 engines separately from Porsche.

Audi announced on Friday morning that they will join F1 from the 2026 season as an engine supplier. Fellow VW Group manufacturer Porsche is also expected to confirm their entry in the near future.

Audi chairman Markus Duesmann explained why they will make power units separately from Porsche.

“You can imagine there was a huge discussion. But we decided, as both our brands have a lot of fans and both our brands have their special character, to keep it completely separate and do two operations,” he said.

“We had several reasons [for that]. We will have different teams, and the powertrain has to be designed especially for the chassis. That is why we decided to split it because we will have completely different chassis and completely different powertrains.”

Audi head of technical development Oliver Hoffmann added: “To meet the timetable, the integration work of the electrified side on the powertrain, together with the chassis, it costs time to make it in two cars. So it’s completely different operations, and the integration work, we will do by ourselves.”


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