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Formula 1

Hamilton: I truly believe Mercedes can win a race in 2022

2022 Austrian Grand Prix, Saturday - Jiri Krenek. Credits: Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton is confident that Mercedes are now capable of winning a race in the 2022 Formula 1 season.

Mercedes had a difficult start to the season as the W13 car was underperforming. The upgrades helped Mercedes get on top of their issues, but they are yet to win a race in 2022.

Hamilton revealed that at first he did not think Mercedes would be able to win a race this year.

“Earlier this year, [I] definitely wasn’t sure we’d ever get a win in this car,” he said.

“Obviously, that’s not the way we like to think, but it was feeling like, ‘Jesus, it’s a long, long way to catch everyone up, knowing the progress everyone makes’.”

Nevertheless, the upgrades made Hamilton more optimistic: “[It’s] definitely [been] hugely encouraging.

“Particularly [because] for a long, long time, we would make changes and not see it do what [we thought] it was going to do or improve the car.

“It was a good step in Barcelona, but then we had several difficult races following it.

“Then we just had these last [few] races which were quite strong, and that’s really encouraged us that we’re moving in the right direction, that there really is potential in the car.

“With a little bit more digging, a little bit more hard work, hopefully we can get a bit closer to having a chance of winning a race.

“So I truly believe we can get a race win this year.”


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