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Wolff admits “there’s so much work to do” for Mercedes

2022 Canadian Grand Prix 2022, Sunday – LAT Images.

Toto Wolff believes that Mercedes still need to improve in order to come back to the top of the pecking order.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finished the Canadian GP 3rd and 4th respectively. It was a repeat of their result a week before in Azerbaijan, although the drivers had switched positions.

Recent results showed the effectiveness of the upgrades Mercedes introduced at the Spanish GP. However, Wolff thinks that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

“One swallow doesn’t make a summer. We saw that swallow in Barcelona but somehow it flew somewhere else. So, I think we need to be careful. We were off the pace on Friday, in the wet we were good yesterday [on Saturday], I think it was respectable,” the Mercedes team principal said after the Canadian GP.

“And I think that today [on Sunday] at times we were with the quickest cars. In the second stint, Lewis and George were almost matching the front-runners – not quite, but on some laps – so that was very encouraging to see, but we need to be careful. There’s so much work we need to do to be back at the front and we aren’t there yet.”

Wolff also shared his thoughts on what should be improved: “I think we just need to put more load in the car, more downforce. And equally do that with a car that is not as low on the ground as we have expected. It’s a clear direction, you can see the cars are going higher and this is where we need to find the performance.”

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