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Sainz: Hard tires might have been wrong option for final stint

Carlos Sainz at the Canadian GP. Credits: @ScuderiaFerrari (Twitter).

Carlos Sainz assumes that Soft tires would have been a better choice for the final laps of the Canadian GP.

Safety Car period caused by Yuki Tsunoda’s crash allowed Sainz to change tires and restart right behind Max Verstappen. The Spaniard got a new set of Hard tires. He was putting pressure until the end of the race, but did not manage to make a pass.

After the race, Sainz admitted that getting new Hards turned out to be not the best decision.

“I was thinking about it now. The Safety Car stayed out for a bit longer than maybe what I thought or what the team thought,” he said.

“By time it was green flag, there was only 16 or something laps left, which was the right number of laps to maybe try and put on a Soft and try to overtake Max on the warm-up phase of the Hard.

“Now, it’s easy to say. At the time, with still 20-something laps to go, the Hard was definitely the fastest option to the to the flag, especially knowing that it was a bit of a fresher Hard to Max. It’s a shame.”

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