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Binotto not happy with late Safety Car call

Carlos Sainz at the Canadian GP. Credits: @ScuderiaFerrari (Twitter).

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto was frustrated with late decision to deploy Safety Car after Yuki Tsunoda’s crash.

Yuki Tsunoda’s accident at the pit lane exit on lap 49 of the Canadian GP forced race director Eduardo Freitas to deploy Safety Car. However, the decision was not made instantly.

Race leader Carlos Sainz was close to the pit lane entry at that moment and Ferrari had to quickly react to the race director’s decision.

“I think it took very long to decide for the Safety Car. At the moment Carlos was leading the race and I think that the Safety Car was released when he was just at the end of the main straight coming to the last corner,” Binotto commented on the matter.

“The team has been very, very good in reacting, and the driver himself as well in coming into the pit. I think we had only one second to react and we reacted within one second.

“Without that good reactions it would have been a very difficult and bad situation for Carlos. And I think again here we need sharper decisions. It took very long, for me, to decide.”

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