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Russell reproaches drivers opposing changes to fight porpoising

2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Friday – Steve Etherington. Credits: Mercedes.

George Russell criticizes drivers that are against measures taken against porpoising to improve safety.

The FIA issued a technical directive in order to get rid of porpoising on Thursday. The decision was made after the drivers’ request at the Azerbaijan GP.

Max Verstappen was among the drivers that were not happy with the decision, calling change of rules in the middle of the season “a bit disappointing.” Russell, who was one of the supporters of changes, disagreed with such point of view.

“There’s obviously a lot of mixed agendas here from different teams and drivers. We’ve heard it from Carlos [Sainz] at times and Checo [Perez] and Max [Verstappen] over the season how bad it’s been.

“But now that their performance seems to be strong, they obviously don’t want changes because it can only hinder them. So it is obviously a bit of a shame to see performance prioritized over safety.”

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