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Latifi disagrees with Baku grid infringement penalty

Nicholas Latifi (CDN) Williams Racing FW44. Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Saturday 11th June 2022. Baku City Circuit, Azerbaijan. Credits: Williams Racing.

Nicholas Latifi believes that the stop-and-go penalty he received at the beginning of the Azerbaijan GP was not fair.

One of Williams mechanics was on the grid and pushed Latifi’s car after the 15-second signal prior to the formation lap. As a result, the Canadian was given a 10-second stop-and-go penalty in the opening stages of the race. Latifi admitted that he was not happy about the decision.

“I guess a bit silly to get a penalty for something like that. I mean, it’s not like he [the mechanic] was changing anything on the car, like making an adjustment. He was just pushing me back, touching the tire.

“It seems like there should be some logic or common sense or leniency applied for what the infringement was, if you could call it that. It happened. A mistake, we’re all going to make mistakes sometimes. I’ve made my fair share this year.

“That obviously undid the race. And then you get into that cycle of blue flags, getting caught by the leaders very early on, and with the pace of our car, just one to forget. A very lonely and boring afternoon.

“I was just trying to race the stopwatch, but then I wasn’t even on the same strategy as anyone else. So at some point, I was getting told the gap to Mick [Schumacher] ahead. I was [like] I don’t care what the gap is to Mick, he’s 20 seconds ahead and he’s in a faster car, so just tell me the lap times of the people I should be racing against.

“But again, I think the cars that I would be racing were on different strategies, so that became pointless as well, at some point. So yeah, one to forget.”

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