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Drivers call for action to deal with porpoising

Carlos Sainz at the Azerbaijan GP. Credits: @OsOfficialF1 (Twitter).

Carlos Sainz has revealed that Formula 1 drivers have asked the FIA to take measures in order to fix porpoising.

Porpoising became a significant issue this weekend because of Baku City Circuit’s long straights. After the Azerbaijan GP qualifying, George Russell stated that a serious accident caused by porpoising was “a matter of time.”

Sainz admitted that he had also encountered difficulties because of bouncing, while his teammate Charles Leclerc avoided it.

“I had for some reason a car, or a floor, that was porpoising and bottoming a lot more than the other car with the same set-up,” he said.

“It was for some reason very, very painful and there was a bit of chaos in the car going on. But I saw there’s also others struggling around this track.”

Sainz also confirmed that drivers raised the topic during the meeting with race director Niels Wittich.

“It got to a point where in the drivers’ briefing we all looked at each other and said ‘we need to do something.’

“Because it’s okay one race, but can we do 10 more years like this? I doubt it.

“We kindly asked the FIA to look into it, to don’t, let’s say, listen to the teams too much and to listen to us [instead], that we were saying that it’s getting to a point where we are struggling, all of us, to handle this.”

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