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Binotto: Ferrari’s reliability issue “certainly a concern”

Carlos Sainz at the Azerbaijan GP. Credits: Reddit.

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto confirms that recent reliability issues are concerning the team.

Both Ferrari cars retired from Sunday’s Azerbaijan GP after first 20 laps. It was confirmed that Carlos Sainz had suffered a hydraulic issue, while Charles Leclerc had had a power unit problem.

Ferrari’s troubles allowed Red Bull Racing to increase the advantage in both championships. Binotto shared his thoughts on the matter.

“Certainly it’s a concern,” he told Sky Sports.

“I think we said it even before coming here to Baku. Reliability is always a factor, which is a key factor in the battle, as the performance [is].

“As a team, we pushed a lot through the winter last year to develop the car. We’ve proved that we are not yet fully reliable. There is still some work to be done.”

Binotto stated that the issues need to be investigated before looking for a solution.

“I think at first we need to understand and analyze what happened today.

“Not all these issues are the same. Maybe some of these are a very quick fix, I don’t know yet. Honestly, I think we need to take some time to analyze, to understand.

“Maybe some are the same [as issues in] the past, maybe not.”

Furthermore, he confirmed that the issues of other Ferrari-powered cars would be examined.

“I think we need to analyze those ones.

“I think maybe the [retirement] of Zhou is not related to our supply components. But again, something to look at. Overall, whatever is happening there, it’s always useful.

“The reason why we’re supplying customer teams is not for our business, it’s more to have technical feedback.

“So whatever is happening, it’s certainly useful, and we’ll take our time to analyze those components as much we’re doing for the ones which are featured on the red cars.”

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