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Seidl admits McLaren will go over budget cap

Daniel Ricciardo at the Monaco GP. Credits: @OsOfficialF1 (Twitter).

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl states that the team cannot comply with the current budget cap.

Inflation and increased freight costs have become a challenge for F1 teams as they have to stay within the $140m budget cap this year. Some teams have already expressed concerns regarding not being able to follow the rules. McLaren is one of them.

“For us as a team that planned to run at the cap at the beginning of the year, with all these unexpected costs that came up we are at a position where we can’t make the cap anymore,” Seidl said.

“You have certain fixed costs in order to start the season, you have fixed costs with your resources which you have in place, the personnel and so on, which you can’t adjust anymore.

“With this unexpected huge increase of costs, mainly on the freight side and utility bills, we’re in the same position as some other teams, so we can’t make the cap this year.

“I’m still hopeful with all the conversations that are happening at the moment, together with the other teams with the FIA and Formula 1, that we still find a solution which is in the best interests of the sport moving forward.”

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