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Binotto: Ferrari’s objective in 2022 is to be competitive

Charles Leclerc at the Monaco GP. Credits: Reddit.

Mattia Binotto states that winning the championships is not Ferrari’s main goal for the 2022 season.

After a disappointing 2020 campaign, Ferrari began a recovery the following year and became one of championship contenders in 2022.

However, the Maranello-based outfit lost the lead in both championships after the Spanish GP.

Binotto has revealed that Ferrari do not have the aim of necessarily winning the titles this year.

“We set our objectives to be back competitive in 2022,” the Ferrari team principal told BBC Sport.

“So our objective is to be competitive, not to win the championship, and it would be completely wrong to turn that into: ‘Let’s try to win the championship because we are so competitive.’

“Being competitive is one fact; becoming world champion is another level of task. [Saying] that is maybe to take off some pressure from the team, but also I think it would be wrong as management to change objectives from the ones we gave them.

“I think it will take time. Our internal mindset is still we need to improve as a team to be capable of winning a championship.

“It doesn’t mean we will not do it. Maybe we will do it as soon as possible, but we are conscious of the fact that it is more than only being competitive.”

At the same time, Binotto admits that the team has the desire to become champions.

“The ambition is there. Each single person working for Ferrari has the ambition. I don’t think I need to remind them. More important is to let them focus on our process of continuous improvement, so each race is an opportunity for lesson-learned review and to build to do something better.

“And it is important to stay focused on each single race. We are not looking at the classifications.”

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