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Gasly not happy with gap between top teams, midfield

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO – MAY 29: Pierre Gasly of Scuderia AlphaTauri and France during the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco at Circuit de Monaco on May 29, 2022 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images) // Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool.

Pierre Gasly admits that the fact there is a significant gap between top teams and midfield teams is “a bit sad.”

One of main goals of new technical regulations in 2022 is to make the grid closer and improve competition. However, this year Red Bull Racing and Ferrari appear to be the frontrunners with Mercedes following them. Other teams are behind, but cannot catch the leaders.

“I expected the field to close up together – which I think happened in the midfield. I think if you look from fourth fastest to probably the last position, actually, I think we really all bunched up quite a lot,” Gasly commented on the matter.

“But the top three is a different world. Even last year, I got excited many times because I could out-qualify Ferrari, sometimes Red Bull, sometimes Mercedes – I felt like these top three, they were faster, but they were not in such a different league that you could tease them sometimes. This year, there’s no way.

“There’s clearly like a big step between – only Bottas can challenge them at times. But they are on their own, and we’re literally fighting for seventh. Which is a bit sad, because clearly the target was to close.

“So I hope whatever solution we can find for the coming years because that’s the target and that’s what we’re all pushing [for] as drivers. We want drivers to have a bigger impact and input on the end result.”

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