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Vettel: Some Aston Martin/Red Bull controversy comments “not fair”

Sebastian Vettel at the Monaco GP. Credits: Reddit.

Sebastian Vettel believes that some of the comments made during the Aston Martin/Red Bull car design controversy were “not right.”

Aston Martin brought a revised version of the AMR22 car for the Spanish GP and it was actively discussed in the paddock. It had similarities to Red Bull Racing’s RB18 car.

The FIA made an investigation and deemed Aston Martin’s challenger legal. However, Red Bull assumed that there might have been an IP leak.

Vettel admitted that he was not happy with some comments that had been made regarding the matter.

“I think it was just at some point not fair,” he said.

“Especially towards, first of all, all the effort that went in [to bringing the updates to the car].

“Second, on a personal level to Dan Fallows [Aston Martin technical director]. I don’t think it was fair. Some things that were said, I think were not right.

“He’s a very good guy. I remember him from my time at Red Bull and obviously he’s joined the team and is with us now.

“So, some of the things that were said were just not right and I would like to hear that… not an apology, just… well, they will never hear anything… but what I mean is, some of the things that have been said were just not fair.”

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