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Aston Martin: We never received any data from anyone

Lance Stroll at the Spanish GP. Credits: @Flyin18T (Twitter).

Aston Martin chief technical officer Andrew Green dismisses accusations that the team is using external data during car development.

The updated version of the AMR22 car caused discussions in the paddock this weekend because of its similarity to Red Bull Racing’s RB18 car. The FIA checked the car and deemed it legal. However, Red Bull had suspicions regarding potential IP leak that might have helped Aston Martin.

Green stated that Aston Martin had never used external information in order to design a car.

“I don’t know what these accusations are that Red Bull are talking about. All I can say is that at no stage did we ever receive any data from any team or anyone.

“The FIA came in and did a thorough investigation, examined all the data leading up in the history of this car, they interviewed all the people involved and concluded that it was completely independent development.

“To that point where you were talking about potential employees, this car was conceived in the middle of last year as a dual route with the launch car, and the majority of the releases were made before anybody from Red Bull even turned up. So I think the accusations are very wide of the mark.”

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