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Baku pit lane entry to be changed for 2022 race

2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Thursday – Steve Etherington. Credits: Mercedes.

The pit lane entry of the Baku City Circuit will be modified for this year’s race in order to improve safety.

The pit lane entry has been one of the most difficult sections of the track in Baku as the drivers need to quickly slow down and go through a chicane after a long straight. The race promoter Arif Rahimov announced that it would be changed after the FIA’s request.

“We are slightly changing the pit lane entrance,” he said.

“There are no changes to the track itself, but we’ve been requested by the FIA to slightly modify the pit lane entrance so it’s a little bit safer.

“We’ll see how it goes. Drivers don’t typically make many mistakes on entering the pit lane.”

Rahimov also added that they would keep an eye on the situation with curbs throughout the weekend.

“Sometimes the drivers come in and they do their practice session and they say, ‘okay, at that spot there, the steel curb there needs to go or we need to add it.'”

“For the turn next to the Old City, the narrow section, we’ve been playing with the curbs since day one. We’ve been adding it and removing it and then adding it again, so you can’t really know until the cars hit the tarmac.”

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