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Alfa Romeo reveal expectations for Spanish GP upgrades

Valtteri Bottas at the Miami GP. Credits: @OsOfficialF1 (Twitter).

Xevi Pujolar states that Alfa Romeo anticipate to at least stay at the same level compared to their opponents with the latest upgrades.

The midfield battle is close in the opening stages of the 2022 season, which makes the development race crucial. Alfa Romeo is set to bring an upgrade package for this weekend’s Spanish GP. Pujolar has spoken about the team’s expectations regarding the performance.

“I will not go into details but there is more performance, overall, so we’ll see. And we’ll have to see what our competitors bring, probably quite a lot of updates will get brought to Barcelona,” the Alfa Romeo head of trackside engineering said.

“With the performance we have got, at least with our updates we can maintain the performance we’ve got relative to our direct competitors and, if not, to increase the advantage.

“Now everyone will bring updates, but I can’t say we are in a more comfortable position because we have got an advantage to them, now it will be a case of who brings the bigger, more efficient updates.

“At one point it will probably become difficult. You can expect teams like Mercedes, McLaren to make bigger steps – we have to see. At the end of the day, with the budget cap, it should be the same as everyone. There are also other factors, other things can happen.”

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