Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner has compared the battle against Ferrari with the one they had against Mercedes.

Red Bull and Ferrari have been the frontrunners in the opening stages of the 2022 season. There have not been any controversial moments between the drivers or team representatives, which contrasts with Red Bull’s championship fight against Mercedes last year.

“Well, Mattia [Binotto] is a nice guy. So I mean, it’s just a different kind of competition,” Horner said when asked how different the battle against Ferrari was.

“But you’re writing Toto [Wolff] off. There’s plenty of time for him to get himself back in the show. But, look, I think we’re very much focused on ourselves. All nine teams are our competitors.

“And I think last year, there was a lot of needle, there was a lot going on off track, as well as on track, whereas this season, this year seems much more focused about what’s going on on track. And I think the racing has been great between Charles [Leclerc] and Max [Verstappen].

“The first races have been epic. And if that continues through the season, inevitably, it’s going to boil over at some point as it gets more competitive and the stakes get higher in the second half of the year. But certainly, what we’ve seen so far has been, very respectful racing, hard racing, but fair racing. And as I said, I think you’re going to see Mercedes joining that party fairly soon.”

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