Sebastian Vettel admits that “there are questions I ask myself every day” regarding whether he should drive in Formula 1.

Vettel is known for frequently expressing concern about the global issues of the mankind, including climate change. On Thursday, he was took part in British political TV show Question Time.

When asked by host Fiona Bruce whether it was hypocritical that he kept racing in F1 and raised awareness on climate problems, Vettel said: “It’s true. And you’re right when you laugh.

“There’s questions I ask myself every day. I’m not a saint, I’m very concerned of when it comes to the future, these topics, when it comes to energy, energy dependence and where we’re going in the future – to finish my point earlier – on energy we need to stop being dependent and we can because there is solutions in place.

“In Britain you have this sort of gold mine you’re sitting on, which is wind, and you have the ability to increase your energy supply with wind power [and] solar. Now, not every country has its strengths and weaknesses. If you go to Austria, they have the Alps and they have water. They can pump it up, store it pumping and get it back down.

“But getting back to [the] point, yeah, it is true, so it’s something that I’m asking myself.”

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