Russell dissatisfied with Miami track surface

2022 Miami Grand Prix 2022, Sunday – LAT Images. Credits: Mercedes.

George Russell believes that the surface of the Miami International Autodrome is “a safety issue” and “does not offer good racing.”

The quality of track surface was a concern during the inaugural Miami Grand Prix as the drivers claimed that there was lack of grip outside the racing line. Russell revealed that he was critical about it.

“One, it’s a safety issue. Secondly, it just does not offer good racing. You can’t go side-by-side with a car around the corner when there’s zero grip off-line.

“It’s kind of like driving in the wet when you’ve gone on the slicks in the wet and there’s one dry line. It’s drive-able, but it depends if you want to offer good racing and something good for the drivers.”

“I don’t know what on earth they’ve done with the tarmac but off-line it’s awful.

“It’s strange, because every other new tarmac on these other tracks – with Jeddah, with Melbourne – they’ve generally gone for really high grip, really good racing on and off line but here something’s gone a bit wrong.”

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