Mattia Binotto believes that Ferrari and Red Bull Racing are close to each other in terms of performance.

Ferrari remain on top of both world championships after first five races of 2022. However, Red Bull won the races in Imola and Miami and reduced the gap in the Constructors’ Championship to 6 points. Despite that, Binotto is not worried about Red Bull’s strong form.

“In terms of performance assessments, and how much they [Red Bull] developed compared to us, is that a concern? I would say not,” the Ferrari team principal said.

“I don’t think that the difference is huge. It is a matter of maximum a couple of tenths and we should not forget that [in Miami] we locked the front row.

“In qualifying we had a better performance compared to the Red Bull, so overall, in a weekend, I don’t think there is much difference between the Red Bull and the Ferrari.

“If there is a concern, it is how much they are developing considering the budget gap. But more than a concern, maybe it is a hope because at some stage they will need to stop.”

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