Lando Norris and Pierre Gasly have shared their thoughts about the crash they had at the Miami Grand Prix.

Norris and Gasly collided on lap 41 of the Miami GP after the Frenchman had rejoined the track due to going wide. Both drivers were unable to finish the race. Later on, they shared their views on what had happened.

“Honestly, the first thing I need to do is speak to him [Gasly] to understand what was happening,” Norris said.

“He obviously went off the track, he had a lot of damage and so on. From my opinion, he just drifted across to the left quite a bit; the track’s kind of kinking to the right, and he wasn’t turning to the right.

“If he was going to box – because I heard someone said he was going to pit or something – then he should be getting out my way a lot more than what he did.

“It’s tough. If he was struggling to control the car, it’s life, I’m unlucky. It happens in racing sometimes. But, if it wasn’t that bad, he just shouldn’t have been drifting to the track like he was doing.

“It looked like he was looking in his right mirror, and wasn’t looking where I was on his left. I’m not sure, I don’t want to blame him. I just need to speak to him and see what he said.”

“On our last lap going back to the pits, [I] was going slow after turn 7, and all the cars passed,” Gasly commented.

“I was trying to turn right to give room, and then Norris came and clipped my front left tire.”

The AlphaTauri driver also stated that Norris had apologized to him.

“We spoke, he came to apologize, but unfortunately it’s not going to give us back the points.

“It’s a big shame. I’m extremely disappointed because it was a great afternoon. We had a brilliant start, passing Lewis [Hamilton] into turn 1, running in P7 after that.

“We would have had a great battle with Fernando [Alonso], but he just took it a step too far, and unfortunately today it’s ruined our race.”

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