Esteban Ocon believes that the FIA needs to take measure to ensure safety at turn 14 of the Miami International Autodrome.

Ocon spun and hit a concrete wall at turn 14 during FP3. The Frenchman suffered a 51G impact. Furthermore, he was forced to miss qualifying because of severe damage to the car.

Ocon was not happy that the crash had taken him out of qualifying competition.

“[I’m] clearly disappointed to be sitting here at the moment, and not taking part in today’s [Saturday’s] qualifying, so I have to apologize to the team,” he said.

“It clearly was my mistake. I lost the rear in the corner and hit the wall. It was a big impact, [I] hit 51G on that one, so we have to make a chassis change and that’s going to take place tonight, ahead of tomorrow.”

Ocon was not the only driver who had a heavy shunt in that section this weekend. Carlos Sainz had a similar accident in FP2. The Alpine driver urged the FIA to take action.

“What is not really acceptable is that we discussed with the FIA, Carlos, and raised the point in the drivers’ meeting [on Friday], that we need to put some kind of cushion in that corner, because he got hurt yesterday, I got hurt today [on Saturday].

“51G – you feel it, definitely. It’s quite a slow place on the track and we hit a concrete wall, so [I’m] not too happy about that. I think the FIA should push harder for the safety [there].”

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