Pierre Gasly admits that he is “super-excited” and “super-hyped” ahead of the upcoming Miami Grand Prix.

The first-ever Miami GP is starting on Friday, but F1’s activity in the city has begun even before FP1. The drivers were involved in numerous events, including the Opening Party at the Hard Rock Stadium on Wednesday. Gasly spoke about the atmosphere in Miami.

“It feels like our Super Bowl in Formula 1. I must say I’ve never had anything like this, I’m super-excited,” he said.

“It’s the first time, especially after the last few years we had with with COVID where it was impossible to have any sort of marketing communication, [we have] big events with the fans and people like yesterday [on Wednesday].

“I’ve never seen a Wednesday in Formula 1 where people show up at the track in the wet and just feel like that much energy.

“There is a massive build-up to it. I always use that energy around as well to build myself up. So I’m super hyped up about it.”

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