Mattia Binotto has shared his thoughts regarding how strategy regarding upgrades changed compared to previous seasons.

The development race may become one of key aspects of the championship battle in 2022. At the same time, the teams need to pay attention to the budget cap that has been decreased this year.

Binotto believes that the approach to upgrades is the same as it was before.

“We are only at race four,” the Ferrari team principal said.

“If I look at the past seasons as well, I don’t think that at race four there were many developments brought to cars.

“If I look at our competitors, [some] already brought some developments – some of them in testing, some of them [at Imola], and some, maybe small, developments from race one to race four, so I don’t think that, so far, it has changed much compared to the past.”

At the same time, Binotto admits that budget cap limits the possibility of frequently upgrading the car.

“[The budget caps means] we certainly need to pay attention to it and we cannot simply drop the developments at each single race.”

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