George Russell still calls for return of active suspension in Formula 1 due to porpoising.

Porpoising remains one of main concerns for F1 teams, including Mercedes. Russell offered active suspension as one of possible solutions before the start of the season. His opinion has not changed after first four races of 2022.

“I’ve spoken about active suspension before. That was the solution back in the eighties, so maybe that’s the solution [now],” Russell told Sky Sports.

“From a pure racing and driving experience, it would make the cars much quicker because you could put the car at the perfect ride height for each individual corner speed.

“It’s pretty straightforward technology these days, it’s something you see on road cars as well, especially in 4×4 cars that change the ride height depending on terrain.

“It seems like it could be a simple solution. It’s something that [would] contribute to making these cars even faster.

“I don’t make the rules, I’m not a designer, maybe there are other limitations around it and it is not as simple as I thought. I think it could be cool, it could be interesting.”

Russell also states that no one understands why porpoising exists.

“We don’t understand it, I don’t think anybody truly understands it.

“McLaren are the only team who don’t have it, and they don’t understand why.

“This is the slightly strange thing about it all, there are so many brilliant engineers across the whole of Formula 1, yet it caught everybody by surprise and nine out of 10 teams all had this issue.”

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