Daniel Ricciardo believes that difficulties with overtaking at the Emilia Romagna GP show DRS should not be removed from F1 cars now.

One of the main purposes of the new technical regulations is to ensure closer racing and easier overtakes. However, DRS remains one of the key elements of making a move possible.

Because of the damp conditions at the Emilia Romagna GP DRS was not activated until lap 34. At that moment some teams were asking the race control to activate it.

Ricciardo thinks that while it is easier to follow other cars, DRS is still needed to make overtakes.

“Don’t get me wrong, the cars are better this year to follow, and there was a small improvement already [at Imola],” the McLaren driver said.

“But still, I don’t know, did anyone pass without it? You still need it. I know some people are not that much in favor of DRS these days, but I’m definitely still a DRS kind of person.

“You can follow better, so you can definitely stay closer, but the slipstream effect is smaller than last year I feel, at least. So you do need DRS to make that straight-line advantage bigger. Although you can stay closer, you don’t get a crazy, crazy effect like maybe last year.

“But I think that probably changes track-to-track as well, depending on the size of wing cars are running. So I think it still needs it. Of course then you can shorten, length zones. They can play with the distance of DRS, but at least some distance is good.”

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