Fernando Alonso states that the fact he “feels better than the others” motivates him to continue racing in Formula 1.

Alonso is the oldest driver on the grid at the age of 40. His contract with Alpine ends this year, but the Spaniard intends to be in F1 for “two or three more years.”

Misfortunes at the start of the season do not stop Alonso as well. He has revealed what keeps him motivated these days.

“Because I feel better than the others.

“When someone comes and I see that [they are] beating me on pure abilities, I see that I’m not good anymore at the starts, I’m not good in preparing the car, or the other side of the garage is one second faster than me and I cannot match those times, maybe I’ll raise my hand and say: ‘You know, this is time for me you know to think about something else.’

“But at the moment, I feel the opposite. I love racing.”

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