Sebastian Vettel admits that he wants to come back to fighting for race wins.

Vettel is 3rd in the list of the F1 drivers with most race wins with 53 victories. However, his latest win to date took place at the 2019 Singapore GP.

The 4-time world champion states that he wants to feel “the taste” of victories again.

“In all honesty, I had an amazing 15 years or so, looking back, and I was in a position to win championships and win a lot of races, fight for pole positions, get a lot of podiums, and obviously the taste was great,” he said.

“It’s not a secret that if you’re not in a position to be there that it’s a different taste. You need to find a different sort of motivation.

“But yeah, I think you know, ultimately, I’m willing to be tasting the same again. That’s the nature of the sport.

“For some of the guys in the room, it’s a little bit different, because they’re still very early in their careers and they didn’t have a team or a car yet where they were able to show what they can do, so it’s clearly a different position.”

Vettel’s deal with Aston Martin ends this year and the German wants to make the decision regarding his future based on the team’s performance. He sees potential in the Silverstone-based squad, but wants to make sure whether they are able to provide him with good equipment.

“That is, I think, one of the big deciders, but the team is growing, there’s a lot of things that look very, very promising.

“The answer is: time will tell. There will be key things that I will be looking at, to see how promising it is looking in the future and how soon. I’m not really old, I think I have physically a lot of years left, [so] that’s not a problem at all.

“I think that’s ultimately the goal, to win and fight for podiums and victories, which currently we’re far away [from] but, as I said, there’s plenty of work [going in], so that’s also very exciting to know where we are now and to take the little steps, and define the path for the future.”

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