Williams CEO and team principal Jost Capito has spoken about Nicholas Latifi’s problems with adapting to the new car.

After a difficult start to the 2022 season Latifi revealed that he had not felt comfortable behind the wheel since the Saudi Arabian GP. Capito believes that the Canadian will deal with the issues and states that the team will support him.

“I think it’s a heads game, isn’t it?” he said.

“He [Latifi] is capable to drive very fast and do the same lap times as Alex [Albon] if he is the right place, I’m sure.

“The cars are a bit more difficult and trickier to drive than last year’s car, and he has to get his head around it and he gets full support from the team.

“Of course, if you have a couple of offs, you have to fight it with confidence, but he will get the full support of the team and we are sure he will get there.”

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