Mattia Binotto confirms that Ferrari support the idea of having six sprint races in the 2023 Formula 1 season.

Ross Brawn revealed during the Emilia Romagna GP that F1 intend to have twice as many Sprints in 2023 as this year. The matter is set to be discussed during the F1 Commission meeting in London on Tuesday. Binotto has spoken about Ferrari’s position regarding the number of sprint races.

“It is in the agenda, so we have the intention to raise the numbers to six events with the sprint race. As Ferrari we are in favor I have to say because we believe that overall it will give in the future good opportunities and better opportunities for the show and for the revenues. So I think it’s right to support,” the Ferrari team principal said.

Sprints are a challenge for the teams as they cause additional costs and everyone has to comply with the budget cap regulations at the same time. According to Binotto, the financial aspect is not an issue.

“In terms of costs, I think it has been discussed. We know in terms of budget cap, allowances, revenues, what may be worthwhile.”

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