Lando Norris has finished the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in third place and is pleasantly surprised at the rather unexpected result.

The McLaren driver had finished yesterday’s Sprint race in 5th place after qualifying third on Friday. Norris then benefited from Charles Leclerc’s incident during the race, allowing him to claim third place in the Grand Prix.

When asked if the result was a surprise, he said “yeah, of course.”

“[I] had an amazing race, amazing weekend to be honest, much better than what we were expecting,” he admitted.

“I’m happy, the team deserved it. From where we were in race 1 to a podium… I think the team deserves it.”

Norris said “hard work” is what’s showing as McLaren improves, but also praised the conditions which he explained allowed him to capitalize well on them.

“Boring answer is hard work,” he responded as to how the car’s improving. “A lot of effort in the factory and everyone here.

“There were tricky conditions and we were able to capitalize on it quite well. I like these conditions.”

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