Alpine’s Fernando Alonso was surprised to see the level of damage sustained out of a small contact.

The Spanish driver made small contact with Mick Schumacher through the opening lap of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, but that was enough to cause significant damage to his right sidepod.

“I didn’t feel much, obviously, it was a very, very small touch with Mick,” he explained. “I only saw on the replay and obviously that was enough to destroy my car.

“I think there are a lot of unlucky moments so far for me in the championship, out of my hands or my control, and this is another example.

“I prefer to finish the season better than start it good and then finish it bad. So if you want to choose one way, it’s the other way around and finish on a better performance.

“But at the same time obviously when you see the races on TV, and I’ve been seeing too many at the moment in the first four, to have only two points in the championship, while I should have maybe 25 or 30, that’s painful.”

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