Andrew Shovlin admits that Mercedes cannot manage to get the tires to the optimal temperature on short runs.

Mercedes failed to get to Q3 with at least one car for the first time in almost 10 years on Friday. While porpoising remains a concern for the Silver Arrows, they face another big challenge – tire temperature. Shovlin has revealed that Mercedes had to deal with it at every race weekend so far this season.

“We’ve struggled with warm up with this car to be honest,” the Mercedes trackside engineering director said.

“And we’ve not got to the bottom of it. And today [Friday] was a fairly painful example of that, where we couldn’t get the runs in that were long enough to build the temperature to get the tires in the right window.

“We’ve seen it at all the races. In Bahrain it doesn’t really cost you, and all the other tracks, it’s actually been a bit of a difficulty in qualifying. Race pace has normally been good, I think we’ve demonstrated that we’re third quickest on race pace.

“The problem is on the single lap we seem to be very much in the midfield. And it’s an area that we are working on, but we don’t yet fully understand.”

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