Lewis Hamilton believes that Mercedes are not in the title contention this year.

Sprint was a chance for Mercedes to make a recovery after a bad qualifying. However, they did not use that opportunity. George Russell finished the race 11th, while Hamilton crossed the finish line 14th.

After the race, Hamilton shared his thoughts about Mercedes’ current for.

“A lot of work is going on in the background, but it is what it is,” he told Sky Sports.

It’s what we have and, ultimately, we haven’t got it right this year, but everyone’s working as hard as they can to correct it.

“The team have been through many, many bad years.

“A lot of the people, most of the people that I’m working with have been with this team 20 years.

“It wasn’t the greatest of years in 2013. But we’ve had great years since then. We stick together, we try to motivate everyone and this is the situation that we are faced with. But everyone’s got their heads down. Everyone’s working as hard as they can.

“We’re obviously not fighting for this championship, but we’re fighting to understand the car and improve and progress through the year.”

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