Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto states that Carlos Sainz’s recent mistakes are not a concern.

Sainz had an incident that could affect his Emilia Romagna GP result. The Spaniard spun and hit a barrier during qualifying. He was unable to continue the session and would start Saturday’s Sprint 10th.

Binotto has commented on the matter and revealed that he is not worried about Sainz’s mistakes.

“I don’t think that there are issues. Certainly you need to adapt. I think that he has done a couple of mistakes, which are important. But nevertheless, I think that he is improving himself, he is going faster and faster.

“And if I look yesterday, when he was driving, he was really driving fast. A shame, because when he went off, I think it was not the right time to push to the limits. He knows very well.”

Binotto believes that the fact Sainz has not driven a car capable of being in victory contention may lead to the issues.

“I think that’s a matter of managing the pressure. Maybe for the first time in his career that he’s got a car which is fast enough to compete for the best positions.

“And he simply needs to get used to that. But he will do it very quickly, because I know how how smart and how capable he is to manage the pressure.”

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