Sebastian Vettel thinks that despite a difficult start to the season for Aston Martin, there are no reasons to give up now.

Aston Martin have started the season on the back foot as they are lacking pace. The Silverstone-based outfit is last in the Constructors’ Championship with no points scored.

Such performance contrasts what Vettel may have expected when he joined the team in 2021. At the same time, the German stays committed to the team and believes that there is time to fix the problems.

“It’s a no-brainer. My contract ends at the end of this season,” he said.

“Obviously, it’s not the year that everyone in the team hoped for, at least at the start of the season, but I think it would be bad to write it off already. It’s only race three. It’s new regulations and there are so many things we are currently struggling with when it comes to performance, with our car and extracting the performance.

“I think others have the same, or similar, problems. So [there are] lots of things that we can still understand and learn in the next weeks and months. It will be very important to set the direction for this year but also for learning and knowing what to do in the next three to four years.

“So I feel that it would be wrong to write this season off – absolutely wrong. It’s just started. I only had one race and didn’t even finish that race.

“So [there are] plenty of things we can still improve and learn and then, in a couple of weeks and months, I think we are in a better place to judge where we really are. The spirit is good, the team is very willing to be at the front. At the minute we’re not – it’s not a secret, but lots of work going in.”

Vettel’s current deal with Aston Martin ends this year. He has confirmed that the decision regarding his future is yet to be made.

“I don’t know. No secrets, it will depend on how this year goes, and then take it from there.

“We know that a lot of stuff is coming and we will see in the next weeks and months whether it’s going in the right direction. But the atmosphere is good. We take it on the chin and try to move forward.”

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