Lando Norris said he believes there was a possibility for him to improve his qualifying result had he not crashed in the final minute of the session.

The McLaren driver crashed through the final minute of qualifying and brought out the red flag, meaning he kept his 3rd-place result once the session was finished.

However, speaking after his run, he said he believes there was a possibility of going further up in the charts.

“I’m happy I’m in the top 3, which is quite a surprise for us,” Norris said. “There was a lot left in the lap, so I just tried to get the tires in the temperature, but I pushed too hard on the out lap.

“A shame, because there was a chance to at least maybe have a go at Charles [Leclerc]. It’s difficult to say because I’m sure everyone would say they improved.

“But there was a possibility for us to go forward even more because the car was feeling good and I was feeling confident.

“So it’s a shame it ended like that, but it’s a good position for tomorrow, so I’m happy.”

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