Carlos Sainz has reacted to the rumors regarding disputes in the contract negotiations between him and Ferrari.

It was confirmed on Thursday that Sainz signed a new deal with Ferrari and would stay there for at least the end of the 2024 season. However, rumors emerged earlier that the parties had different views about the contract. The Spaniard allegedly wanted to have a two-year contract, while Ferrari insisted on a one-year deal with the extension option.

Sainz commented on the matter and revealed that such dispute never took place.

“You can imagine how much I was laughing at home when people started writing these things!” he joked.

“Because I had everything pretty much done and we were just waiting for Imola to announce [it]. Funny times, like always in Formula 1, with the gossip and all that.”

Sainz also admitted that it was not difficult for the parties to reach an agreement.

“It’s been easy going. I guess, after such a good first year we had.

“Just getting to agree through the winter was fairly easy for both parties and just now having the opportunity to announce in a place like Imola, in front of the Tifosi, on a weekend like this, it was ideal.

“So, we put together a good plan for the announcement being here.”

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