The Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer states that the current Renault power unit got closer to the leaders.

The engine performance was a concern for Alpine last year, so work had to be done to make an improvement for 2022. According to Szafnauer, the powertrain department managed to make a progress.

“We think we’ve made a step on the power unit. And we’re within probably 10bhp of the best, and somewhere in the middle,” he commented.

“I think Viry have done a brilliant job. And it’s up to us now to keep developing the car.”

At the same time, the power unit had to be changed twice in Fernando Alonso’s car already. It happened in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Szafnauer revealed that only the Bahrain engine could be used again.

“It was just a precautionary change for us to test some things on the dyno, and it [the Bahrain power unit] tested okay.

“So that engine will be used again. The other one unfortunately, where the water pump, although the water pump isn’t part of the ICE, you can change it, but it overheated the ICE, so that one is gone. But we’ll be okay.”

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