Krack: Australian GP “a quite disappointing weekend”

Sebastian Vettel at the Australian GP. Credits: Reddit.

The Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack admits that the team had higher expectations for the Australian GP.

Aston Martin had to face a lot of obstacles in Melbourne. Both Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll had several crashes throughout the weekend, so the team lost a lot of time repairing the cars.

More than that, a new power unit had to be installed in the German’s car after issues in FP1.

After the Australian GP, Aston Martin is the only team that is yet to score world championship points in 2022. Krack reflected on the team’s performance last weekend.

“We had a very difficult weekend, because we had a lot of car damage,” he said.

“It started already on Friday, where we had the small problem on the power unit, which we had to change, so we didn’t get so much time. And then obviously, the on-track incidents that will be visible to everybody led to a lot of work.

“I think when we came here, we [thought] we [would] have been a little bit better than we have been before.

“But, obviously, we could not show it so much over the weekend, because then we had much more disruption, and then [we] kind of fought at the end of the day.

“So I think at the end of the race, we were still in the position where we hoped we could score, but then eventually [it] would not happen. Overall, [it was a] quite disappointing weekend, I have to say.”

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