Stroll “doesn’t get” weaving penalty in Melbourne

Lance Stroll. Credits: @OsOfficialF1 (Twitter).

Lance Stroll has shared his thoughts about the 5-second time penalty he was given during Sunday’s Australian GP.

The stewards handed Stroll a 5-second time penalty for making “more than one change of direction” during the battle with Valtteri Bottas. The Finn was frustrated with his opponents’ actions. Meanwhile, the Aston Martin driver disagreed with the penalty.

“I don’t get it. It was two guys weaving all the time, it’s just the last move really,” he told

“You can weave down the straight as long as you don’t weave when the guy’s approaching very close behind you.

“I’m weaving to try and break the slipstream, not to try and defend, and then they penalize me for it. I don’t get it.

“I guess a lot of funny decisions going on right now.”

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