The drivers think that the fourth DRS zone at the Albert Park Circuit would have facilitated overtaking during the Australian GP.

Ahead of the Australian GP, a new DRS zone was added at the Albert Park Circuit between turns 8 and 9, making it four at at the race track. However, after Friday’s practice sessions, it was removed for safety reasons.

Esteban Ocon thinks that the fourth DRS zone would have been useful for overtaking.

“We were very close but we couldn’t pass,” he told

“I think we were probably lacking that fourth DRS zone, to be fair. I mean it was dangerous probably to have it, but that was the place I was closest.

“To make a move at such high speed is risky, and I agree with safety that it is good to remove it, but that is probably what we lacked today to have a bit more of a show.”

Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo agreed with Ocon’s comments.

“It was a shame they took the DRS out because I think the racing could have been a bit better with it,” Perez said.

“I would say we would have had a few overtakes into turn 9 with DRS there,” Ricciardo stated.

“I saw one lap when I think Lando [Norris] was behind Kevin [Magnussen] not long after the restart, he got pretty close into turn 9. I think with DRS he would have got him, so perhaps there was maybe a bit more on offer with that fourth zone.”

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