Valtteri Bottas has critisized the way how Lance Stroll raced against him during the Australian Grand Prix.

Bottas and Stroll had battles at the Albert Park Circuit on Sunday. The Aston Martin driver was driving aggressively – he changed his direction on a straight several times and allegedly pushed the Finn off the track.

The stewards had given Stroll a 5-second penalty and a penalty point. Bottas revealed that he was not happy with Stroll’s actions.

“The weaving just made it really hard for me to decide where to go. It was a bit on the limit, I guess,” he said.

“And then yeah, that pass, obviously it forced me to go off the track. I don’t think that’s how you should race. I’m still amazed to get through it.

“I think that cost me a bit of time, for sure. Maybe Esteban [Ocon] was reachable, otherwise. But still, four points is not bad.”

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