Latifi, Stroll share thoughts on qualifying crash

Lance Stroll and Nicholas Latifi. Credits: @FormulaTurkiye (Twitter).

Nicholas Latifi and Lance Stroll have revealed their opinions regarding the accident during the Australian GP qualifying.

Latifi and Stroll collided at the end of Q1 when the Williams driver was trying to regain track position. The stewards decided that Stroll was “predominantly to blame” and handed him a 3-place grid penalty. Later on, both drivers presented their versions of what had happened.

“I let him through because he was pushing to open the lap, so I was told, and then I saw he’d aborted the lap, so I wanted to carry on with my own preparation lap, so I went back by him,” Latifi told Sky Sports.

“There was a big gap and once I kind of got past him, for whatever reason, he does that at the turn.

“It’s clear for me on the video, [so] there’s not much more to say.”

“We were on a cool lap. I saw the video; he went to try and pass me all of a sudden in a very awkward part of the circuit,” Stroll commented.

“The circuit falls off to the right and then to the left, where that is. I think what happened was just very awkward at an awkward part of the track.

“He was all of a sudden trying to cut by me and it gets narrower as the circuit falls to the right, and then we make contact. It’s pretty ridiculous.”

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