Lewis Hamilton said Mercedes has not made any progress in regard to their poor performance issues.

Speaking at the Australian Grand Prix, the 7-time world champion said the team has not ‘nothing exciting’ coming, and admits he has not seen progress over the last two races.

“We haven’t made any progress,” Hamilton said.

“I don’t know what is coming yet. I know everyone’s working really, really hard, but we’ve had three races and no progress in the three races.

“I really hope, over this next week, we can get as much information as we can from the race tomorrow and that we’re able to extract something and figure out how we can fix something for the next race.”

Speaking about the upgrades to his car, Hamilton admitted: “there’s nothing particularly exciting coming at the moment.”

“I wish I could be optimistic like, at the next one, we’ve got something better coming in but, at the moment, we don’t.”

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