The stewards have fined Sebastian Vettel for his scooter ride around the Albert Park Circuit after the Australian GP FP1.

After his car suffered a power unit failure, Vettel used a scooter to come back to the paddock. After that, he was called to the stewards for “unauthorized use of a scooter on the track.”

Though the German stated that he was allowed to use the scooter at the race track, the stewards decided to give Vettel a €5k fine.

“The stewards determine that car 5 stopped on the circuit due to a mechanical issue. At the end of the session, Vettel sought a way to return to his pit,” the verdict read.

“A marshal was at the location with a scooter. Vettel asked if he could drive the scooter in order to return to his pit. The marshal assented. Vettel got on the scooter, expecting the marshal to get on behind him. When he didn’t get on, Vettel departed alone for the pit, without the prior approval to do so. Meanwhile, the marshal was trying to contact race control for instructions.

“In driving on the track to his pit, instead of the designated route, Vettel breached article 26.7 of the Formula 1 sporting regulations, which prohibits anyone from being on the track in the five-minute period after the end of a session, with the exception of specifically identified personnel, which makes no provision for drivers to have such access unless specifically authorized.”

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