George Russell believes that Mercedes need to “have total faith and confidence” in their upgrades.

Mercedes are currently looking for a way to deal with porpoising and get closer to Ferrari and Red Bull. Russell states that catching up with the leaders will require some time as well as the Silver Arrows cannot afford a mistake in the car development.

“We’re a long way behind Ferrari and Red Bull. We were probably further behind them in Jeddah, and we understand why,” he said.

“But obviously I think when we have things optimized, or more optimized [as they were] in Bahrain, we were still 0.5-0.6s behind. So, we need to close that gap, but there’s nothing substantial this weekend that will do that.

“It’s going to take time and I think we just have to be disciplined and patient – because we are so far behind and because of the cost cap, we can’t afford just to throw things at it and ‘trial and error’ at race weekends.

“We need to trust the process and bring the upgrades when we have total faith and confidence they will do as we expect.

“And that will be a number of races before we start seeing that.”

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