Lando Norris hopes that McLaren will be able to continue their progress at the Australian Grand Prix.

After difficult first two race weekends of 2022, McLaren had a strong start to the Australian GP. Both drivers were in the top 10 in FP1 and FP2. Norris has spoken about the performance on Friday.

“It looked alright. It wasn’t amazing but it was decent,” he said.

“It was probably our best Friday so far, so I’m hoping it will continue tomorrow because we have a good feeling.

“I think we have made a few changes and we have learned a bit this weekend from the previous two weekends that we have implemented, and it is working reasonably well. It is a small step forward, so it is a good start, and hopefully we can continue that into tomorrow and make further improvements.”

At the same time, Norris thinks that the track characteristics are a key factor in McLaren’s improvement.

“It is just the track, but of course there’ll be some little things that we are improving – and little is maybe one tenth.

“It is not going to make us half a second quicker or one second [quicker]. We are extracting everything out of the car and I think we are doing a good job.

“But a lot of what you are seeing is just the track, which is a good thing. Hopefully Bahrain was just a very bad one and I think we have understood a little bit more and hopefully more of the tracks are like here and Saudi. We are going in the right direction, but we are still a long way off.”

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